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The purpose of TAILOR is to build a strong academic-public-industrial research network (, with more than 50 partners from all Europe, with the capacity of providing the scientific basis for Trustworthy AI leveraging and combining learning, optimization and reasoning for realizing AI systems that incorporate the safeguards that make them in the reliable, safe, transparent and respectful of human agency and expectations.

The special session will present an overview of the TAILOR project (Foundations of Trustworthy AI – Integrating Reasoning, Learning and Optimization) and the activities that have been carried on within the project. Then, a panel with experts both from and outside the project consortium will investigate the current challenges and solutions that have been developed to support the Trustworthy AI.



TAILOR session will be held the 2nd day of the workshop according to the following schedule.

Day 2 - July 25th, 2022 - 09:10 to 10:40 CEST

Speakers 1


Speakers 2
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