Partnership on AI (PAI) is sponsoring a $US 500 Best Paper Award for the best submission to AISafety 2021.


The Program Committee (PC) will designate up to 3-5 papers as candidates to the AISafety Best Paper Award.

The selected candidates were:


The AISafety 2021 Best Paper Award was granted to:

Xingyu Zhao, Wei Huang, Alec Banks, Victoria Cox, David Flynn, Sven Schewe and Xiaowei Huang; for: Assessing the Reliability of Deep Learning Classifiers Through Robustness Evaluation and Operational Profiles.

The best paper will be selected based on the votes of the workshop’s participants. During the workshop, all participants will be able to vote for the best paper.


The authors of the Best Paper Award will receive the $US 500 prize and certificate with the name of the award, the name of the paper, and the names of the authors of the paper, at the workshop’s closing.