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At AISafety, we believe that to deliver a truly memorable event, we need a highly interactive format with more much-needed debate to keep people engaged and energized throughout the workshop.

The workshop sessions are structured into paper presentations and a common panel slot to discuss both individual paper contributions and shared topic issues. Selected invited talks are also part of the workshop.

​Three specific roles are part of this format: session chairs, presenters and session discussants.

  • Session Chairs introduce sessions and participants. The Chair moderates session and plenary discussions, takes care of the time, and gives the word to speakers in the audience during discussions.

  • Presenters give a talk and then participate in the debate slot. Paper presenters, in particular, should not worry about the short time for the talk! Please note a workshop talk can, at best, be an advert for the paper, which is the durable record of what was done. In addition, let’s not forget that we are in an inter-disciplinary workshop. Longer, more detailed talks may alienate some of the attendees.

  • Session Discussants prepare the discussion of individual talks and the plenary debate. The discussant gives a critical review of the session presentations. Session discussants could be typically presenters in other sessions or PC members.

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