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Richard Mallah

Richard Mallah is Director of AI Projects at the Future of Life Institute, an NGO where he works to support the robust, safe, beneficent development and deployment of advanced artificial intelligence. He helps move the world toward existential hope and away from outsized risks via meta-research, analysis, research organization, community building, and advocacy, and with respect to technical AI safety, strategy, and policy coordination. Richard was in FLI's core from its very start; among his myriad activities at the Future of Life Institute, Richard was the lead author of FLI's landmark Landscape of Technical AI Safety Research, he has given dozens of invited talks on the safety, ethics, robustness, and beneficence of advanced AI, has co-organized conferences and workshops, and formally peer reviews papers on the topic.

Mr. Mallah also serves on the Executive Committee of IEEE’s initiative on autonomous systems ethics, co-chairs that initiative’s AGI committee, and is a member of its wellbeing and LAWS committees. At Partnership on AI, Richard serves on its safety-critical AI and labor & economy working groups. He also serves as a senior advisor to the AI initiative of The Future Society, organizers of the World Government Summit.

Richard has had over eighteen years of experience in AI R&D leadership in industry, lending an appreciation for tradeoffs at all AI product lifecycle stages. He also has experience in risk management. Richard holds a degree in computer science with a specialization in AI from Columbia University.


INVITED TALK: The AI Safety Landscape Initiative

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