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AISafety and SafeRL Joint Workshop

AISafety is committed to ensure authors and speakers the best conditions for AISafety 2023 to be sustained. Given the alignment of topics with SafeRL (, and after suitable discussions, both committees have agreed to conduct AISafety and SafeRL as a joint workshop event following a merge mode.

To facilitate the process towards the joint event, the organisation aspects of both workshops remain the same: the same committees are maintained, and the criteria for processing submissions and talks are managed independently by both AISafety and SafeRL, what also includes the deadlines for submission, notification and camera-ready (if any).

The information about common matters, like for instance joint program, schedule, and event dates, will be synchronized between the committees and will appear published in both  sides:

Notice that the instructions for publication in proceedings (if any) remain the same and applicable, in particular regarding the originality of manuscripts, the non-acceptance of double submissions, and the usage of CEUR format.

Please, in case of questions do not hesitate to contact your respective organizing committee:


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